Book Review, Immortality...

How Science is Extending Your Life Span -
And Changing the World

Immortality: How Science is Extending Your Life Span And Changing the World
By Dr. Ben Bova
Avon Books, 1998
ISBN 0-380-97518-1

This book amounts to an in-depth report on the current state of the art on where we are and explores many of the immediate possibilities regarding extending the human life span.

It opens with a detailed examination of the current scientific knowledge and ongoing research into the many aspects of aging, such as how we age, the various theories about cellular death, current research into reversing aging, and the profound role of the genetic code in managing the process.

The book wraps up with an extensive section devoted to the social side of this extensive research effort at understanding aging - the potentials of nanotechnology, and many possible impacts of long lives to outright immortality on our society.

Highly recommended for the layman who wants a clear overview, with many well-explained examples, of what medical and genetic research has been accomplished to-date, and where it is apt to be taking us.

The author has a long professional career as a prolific author of more than ninety fiction and nonfiction books that have dealt with various aspects of the future impacts of science and technology.

Reviewed by E. Stiltner
Copyright (©) 1999

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