Book Review, Database Nation

Database Nation
The Death of Privacy
in the 21st Century

Database Nation
By Simson Garfinkel
O'Reilly & Associates, 2000
ISBN 1-56592-653-6

This book is a comprehensive survey of the abuses that have, and are, taking place in our society by the ever-increasing and pervasive collection and centralization of personal data. And this book looks very critically at the role that technology plays in this viscious spiral.

The author starts out with an attempt at defining privacy -

The book wraps up with an extensive discussion of what can be done, and what is being done, and what should be done, in the years to come to restore the trust of everyone whose lives are being impacted. Some of the areas covered are -

They all deserve consideration.

Reviewed by E. Stiltner
Copyright (©) 2000

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