Disconnect, The Truth about Cell Phone Radiation.

The Truth about Cell Phone Radiation,
What the Industry has Done to Hide It,
And How to Protect Your Family.
Author - Devra Davis

This book by noted scientist and author Devra Davis covers studies from around the world that have documented harmful effects caused by electromagnetic signals, such as from cell phones and the pervasive wireless environment that computer technology has created. The author covers many of the wireless industry's efforts to stifle disclosure of negative information, or to create disinformation to discredit or cast doubt on scientific findings.

The book covers results coming in from the European Interphone study that was supposed to establish cell phones as safe. Instead, many disturbing results continue to develop now that the study is looking at people who have used the phones for more than 8 to 10 years.

The book covers a wide cast of the researchers, in many countries, who have no ties to the wireless industry, but have consistently demonstrated harmful effects.

The author notes that insurance companies are refusing to cover health claims from people who are employed in wireless industry switching centers, where there are presumably high, long-term levels of electromagnetic signals.

The author also notes that real estate values are falling when a cell phone antenna tower is located near the property for sale.

Recommended as excellent documentation of a developing public health issue that should be of concern for everyone.

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