Book Review, The Healthy House

The Healthy House
How to Buy One
How to Build One
How to Cure a Sick one
Author: John Bower
Publ: The Healthy House Institute
ISBN: 0-9637156-0

Price: @23.95

This is a massive, 445 page, 26 chapter, compilation of information that covers most concepts of the Healthy House concept. It is printed on 8 1/2 by 11 sheets and amounts to literally an encyclopedia of information.

Chapters include - Indoor air quality, Health effects, Finding a Health House, Site selection, Planning, Ventilation, Heating a Cooling, Air filtration, Tight Construction, Concrete and masonry, Foundations, Wood products, Alternative framing materials, Roofing, Siding, Windows and doors, Insulation, Flooring, Walls and ceilings, Coatings and caulking, Kitchens and bathrooms, Electrical systems, Central, Vacuums, Evaluations of three common pollutants, and examples of three healthy houses.

While all chapters contain a lot of useful and detailed information, especially pertinent is the chapter on Tight Construction, since it meshes very well with the current emphasis on passive solar heating where house designs are getting as much as 95 percent of the building's heat requirements come from the sun.

Especially useful are two appendices -

  1. Organizations and Suppliers which is a 35 page list of organizations and companies supporting this area. This list includes complete contact information, including many web addresses.
  2. Selected Bibliography which contains some 1300 citations to literature that covers both the health concerns that lead to the Healthy House concept as well as many building industry publications.

Highly recommended for everyone. Not just MCS suffers who were responsible for developing this concept, but given the growing concerns that the widespread usage of low-level toxic materials in our homes and offices are intimately involved in the developing medical crises such as childhood asthma, attention deficient, even autism, that are becoming a serious drain on our society's resources.

Even if you cannot afford a copy for yourself, ask your library to get it for everyone.

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