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The Medicare Refund Scam

Some people have received a letter from some private "research center" telling them to telephone a 900-number to see if they qualify for a 546 dollar refund from Medicare.

People who call this 900-number or request any information from this "research center" are immediately charged $4.95.

Whereas the same information is available for no charge directly from Social Security (Tel: 800/772-1213) or from Medicare.

The background for this "magic number" of $546.00 is that if a person's income and assets are below a certain limit ($947.00 for single persone, or 1,265.00 for couples), the State of Colorado may pay their Medicare premium which amounts to $546.00 for a year.

To see if you qualify for this support, check with the Colorado Department of Social Services. Again, there is no charge for the information nor to apply.

From: The Public Employees' Retirement Association of Colorado.

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