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Do you have any unclaimed money or property held by any state or federal governmental agency anywhere in the country? There is a National Unclaimed Property Database that just might be worth checking. And it is free.

It does require that you have an email address for an online inquiry. Otherwise, the mailing address is -

National Unclaimed Property Database
Knowledge in Motion
1825 Ponce de Leon Boulevard; #239
Coral Gables, Florida 33134-4418
Tel: 305/669-1766

Their online procedure is to log in to their web site, and fill out their registration form. In return, they will send a password to your email address. You then take this password back to the web site and use it to enable searching the database. At that point, you get a report about whether there are any records anywhere in your name.

National Unclaimed Property Database; /

Another resource that recently came on line and provides much the same service is Missing Money:

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