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This page lists links to favorite recipes from various members of the Stiltner family.

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SVitamin and Supplement Resources

This section provides references to many sources of information about food supplements and vitamins.

SA Plea to Manufacturers

The microwave oven has become an integral part of our cooking experience. Yet so often the manufacturers do not begin to tell us how to make effective use of this extremely useful and powerful device. We are expected to push a button and some secret internal recipe is activated. If the results are lousy (an altogether too common occurrence!), all we can do is grumble and not use that button in the future.

This is a plea to manufacturers - you know who you are - PLEASE provide full and comprehensive explanations of just what their devices do. This applies especially to the one-button built-in recipes that "do something." Explain in full detail so the owner can make effective use of the device just what that "something" is. Such as including full and complete profiles of cooking times and power levels that get invoked!

SHigh Elevation Cooking

Newcomers to high elevations, such as Colorado, often find that their old favorite recipes that worked at sea level just don't do quite as well at higher elevations. Here is a list of suggestions that may make your recipes come out much better -

Links to Cooking Information

There are many web resources available for detailed information on cooking techniques. Here are a few -

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