The Stiltner Family Genealogy

Elijah Stiltner Familiy in Virginia

An excerpt from "The Cascade Mountain Clan" by Woodrow R. Clevinger, 1971 -

Elijah Stiltner is the Virginia ancestor of a large set of Stiltners now living in Washington and Oregon, One of the elder sons of Frederick Charles Stiltner, he was born in Tazewell County, Virginia, October 22, 1818. He was united with Union Church of Primitive (Old Regular) Baptists. In 1837 he married Lettie Zettie (Celetty) Elswick and the raised a family of seven children in the Cumberland Mountains of Virginia in the area of present Buchanan County. Elijah died in Virginia, March 15, 1900, just at the time one of his sons, Milburn Jackson Stiltner had filed his homestead far out west at Glenoma, Washington.

To the union of Elijah Stiltner and Celetty Elswick were born the following, the vital data being recorded in the Primitive Baptist Churches of Buchanan County.

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