The Stiltner Family Genealogy

Emigration of Stiltner Families from Virginia

An excerpt from "The Cascade Mountain Clan" by Woodrow R. Clevinger, 1971 -

From after the Civil War, from 1865 to 1900, the several large Stiltner families who were the grandchildren and great grandchildren of the original Frederick Charles (Stegler) Stiltner began to separate.

Their birthplace, the isolated and underdeveloped mountain area of Buchanan County, Virginia, was crowded with small mountain farms and there were very few wage-paying jobs. The coal industry was not yet to start here until another fifty years had passed. For the young Stiltners it was necessary to leave this area if they were to support their new families and improve their livelihood.

The Stiltners then in common with many other large families, such as the Clevingers, Blankenships, Colemans, Comptons, Tillers, Stinsons, Lesters and many other mountain families began to emigrate northward to West Virginia for work and eventually from there onward to Lewis County, Washington.

Two of the largest families in this movement were first cousins - Milburn Jackson Stiltner Franklin Pierce Stiltner.

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