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Franklin Pierce Stiltner Family in Washington

An excerpt from "The Cascade Mountain Clan" by Woodrow R. Clevinger, 1971 -

Franklin Pierce Stiltner was born in Buchanan County, Virginia March 9, 1856 and died in Morton, Lewis County, Washington in 1934. He was the patriarch of a very large family in the early history of the Town of Morton. He was the second son of Frederick Stiltner and the grandson of the original Frederick Charles Stiltner who lived in Buchanan County, Virginia, 1790 - 1845. Franklin married Anna Rosetta Cutlip about 1877 in Buchanan County. With a number of children they moved northward to Webster County, West Virginia where the remainder of their children were born. Following work in logging and sawmilling on the Elk River of West Virginia up to about 1910, Franklin and his sons now with families of their own, emigrated to Lewis County, Washington to find work and land. They all came to Morton, Washington from 1912 to 1918 and settled on a 20 acre place on the north limits of this town. Here on a site often called "Stiltner Flat and Hill" Franklin and his sons, Samuel, John Wesley, Grant, Edward J., and McKinley cleared stump land and built homes in north Morton. The youngest son and brother, Burton G.Stiltner went away to the service of the U. S. Navy in World War I in 1917. By 1930 the Stiltners were the largest family in the community of Morton. The sons and daughters of Franklin Pierce Stiltner and Anna R. Cutlin and their children are summarized here:

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