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Frederick Stiltner Family in Virginia

An excerpt from "The Cascade Mountain Clan" by Woodrow R. Clevinger, 1971 -

Frederick Stiltner is the Virginia ancestor of a large related group of Stiltner families now living in Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington State. He was the fourth son of Frederick Charles Stiltner. He was born April 11, 1826 and died October 12, 1911 in Buchanan County, Virginia. During his 85 years, he married five times, being widowed four times. His marriages were to -

  1. Louisa Collins
  2. Polly Stiltner
  3. Lizzie Davis
  4. Jane Wilburn
  5. Cinda Gallinue Rice.

He was the father of ten children recorded as follows in the Burton G, Stiltner Journal from Primitive Church records -

  1. Edward Stiltner, b 1855, d 1901 in Buchanan County, Virginia, md Lizzie Biggs, raised family in Virginia.
  2. Franklin Pierce Stiltner, b 1856 from Louisa Collins, md Annie Cutlip about 1876, moved to Webster County, Virginia, thence to Lewis County, Morton, Washington about 1914, died Morton, Washington 1934 where he was head of a large pioneer family.
  3. Biddle Stiltner, b 1856, d ca 193\20 in Virginia, md (1) Basil Galahue, md (2) Isaac Hess.
  4. Jacob R. Stiltner, b 1858, md (1)Punia Howell, md (2) Nancy Curt, moved to West Virginia, thence to Lewis County, Washington with brother Franklin Pierce, died Morton, Washington \, 1940.
  5. Christopher C. Stiltner, b 1867, d about 1930 in Buchanan County, Virginia, md Rachel Deel (Deil). Member of Regular Baptist Church. Raised large family in Buchanan County, some of whom married members of the Clevinger family.
  6. G. W. Stiltner, 1868 - 1939. Married Matilda Stiltner, 1897 in Buchanan County, Virginia.
  7. Frederick Stiltner (III), 1870 - 1939. Married (1) Lizzie Sloan, md (2) Margaret Stone, large family in Buchanan County, Virginia.
  8. Nancy A. Stiltner, 1872 - 1944, md Sparrel Childress (Childers) in 1903. United in Regular Baptist Church, Bull Creek, Buchanan County, Virginia.
  9. Ira Stiltner, b 1875 and died as an infant.
  10. Amanda Stiltner, 1876 - 1930, baptized in Regular Baptist Church, Bull Creek, Buchanan County, Virginia, md Ruben Dale and raised family in Virginia 1890 - 1920.

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