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The page lists World Wide Web links about Genealogy in general plus the Stiltner Family as we hear about them. If you have a link to some interesting site that you think should be listed, please let us know via the Reader Response Form.

An extensive database of geneological information is Ancestral Findings -

In case subsequent members of the Stiltner family came into this country by way of Ellis Island, here are a couple databases of those names -

The Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints has an extensive Family Search web site -

VAGenWeb, Buchanan County, Virginia. Has an extensive list of "Stiltner" family members, born as recently as 1994. Has family relationship trees for many.

Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites. This is an extensive collection of links to a wide variety of genealogical information.

Kindred Konnections - An Ancestry and Genealogy subscription service to some 370 million names. Has a U. S. Social Security Death Index of deceased persons. "Stiltner" is listed in the Surnames index.

Journal of Online Genealogy. The oldest of the "comprehensive online genealogy sites."

Geneology.Com is another site with extensive data -

Be warned that the above site is very obnoxious about sending you lengthy and redundant "Unsolicited Commercial Email" - otherwise known as spam again and again if they capture your email address. Do not give theim your email address!

Roots Web - "Internet's Oldest, Largest, Free Community Genealogy Site;" has many links to census and genealogy records for most areas in the country.

Genealogy Gateway -

Here is a link to the Geneology Bulletin - Findings -

Distant Cousins Surname Bulletin Board (Caution - this site takes over some browsers; you have to exit the program to recover!!!) -

Information about Frederick Stiltner -

Information about Elias Stiltner -

Statistics about the Stiltner presence in America -

George Dotson Cemetery -

Other resources - (*** NEW ***)

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