The Stiltner Family Genealogy

Lewis County Cemetary Records of
Clevinger, Clevenger and Stiltner Families

An excerpt from "The Cascade Mountain Clan" by Woodrow R. Clevinger, 1971 -

Resting in three cemeteries of eastern Lewis County, Washington are the patriarchs of the Clevinger-Stiltner kinship who were born about a century ago back in the Cumberland Mountains. And with them are many others who died young under the severe conditions of pioneer life in the Cascade Mountains. Today, these grounds are visited on Memorial Day and many other occasions regularly and religiously by younger Clevenger and Stiltner families living widely throughout the State of Washington.

Here in family plots and on tombstones they find the genealogical record of names and years of birth and death of their recent ancestors and the young who died of infant mortality, disease and tragic accident.

The John Weslie Cemetery at Mortin, Washington

The late John Weslie Stiltner, prominent early citizen of Morton, Washington had great concern for the welfare and dignity of his kinsmen and pioneer neighbors. He dedicated an acre of his land holding in 1924 as a cemetery for Stiltner families and their relatives. It is also available for the poor who could not afford the cost of burial in a public cemetery. It was also dedicated for the members of Mount Zion Regular Baptist Church who had brought this faith to Morton and Glenoma from Virginia and Kentucky. The John Weslie Stiltner cemetery, situated on the hill at the northern limits of the Town of Morton, is the final resting place for the following:

Franklin P. Stiltner Family

McKinley Stiltner Family

Joseph C. Clevinger Family

Riffe Family

Other Related Persons

The Rainy Valley Cemetary

About 1905, Milburn Jackson Stiltner, the early pioneer of Rainy Valley, dedicated an acre of his homestead as a family and Regular Baptist Church Cemetery. It was located alongside the old Big Bottom trail and road at the foot of Kiona Mountain six miles west of Randle, Washington. Here rest some of the early heads of Clevenger and Stiltner families who came to Washington from the Cumberland Mountains of Kentucky, West Virginia and Virginia and members of other families with whom they intermarried - the Dodrills, Dunaways, Musics, and Riffes.

Milburn Jackson Stiltner Family

Joseph C. Clevinger Family

Charles Clevenger Family

Lewis Clevinger Family

Town of Morton Cemetery

The Morton Cemetery was platted in 1905 by the original settlers of the upper Tilton River Valley whose community center was the old town of Morton. They lived in Bremer, Davis Lake Valley, and Highland Valley. Most of the early families were Methodists and the earliest families buried there were the elders, Henry Clay temple, Thomas H. Hopgood, Edwin Knittle, Robert Herselman, William T. Crumb, and Thomas Bergan.

Members of three Clevenger and Clevinger families who were pioneer residents of the Town of Morton and its Davis Lake Valley before 1915 were resting in Morton Cemetery as of 1971.

Nelson Clevinger Family

William K. Clevinger Family

Thomas Clevenger Family

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