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An excerpt from "The Cascade Mountain Clan" by Woodrow R. Clevinger, 1971 -

Milburn Jackson Stiltner, born December 8, 1848 in Buchanan County, Virginia was the earliest of the large Stiltner and Clevinger kinship to emigrate from the Cumberland Mountains to the Cascade Mountains. He and his large family of children and grandchildren were prominent farming and logging pioneers in the Glenoma, Rainy Valley district of Lewis County from 1900 to 1940. He was the fourth son of Elijah Stiltner, who was the eldest son of the original Frederick Charles Stiltner in Tazewell and Buchanan County, Virginia.

In 1867 in Buchanan County, Milburn married Sarah Catherine Wood. Discontented with the lack of opportunity there, they and their older sons and a number of youngsters moved out of the Virginia mountains in 1888.

In 1889, they were in the "land rush" into the Cherokee Strip of Oklahoma. They were unhappy with the climate and land of Woodward, Oklahoma, and while there, Milburn's son's wife, Vena Hamm (Mrs. Nelson Stiltner) died from the hardship.

Another migration was made in 1898 - from Oklahoma to the settlement frontier in the Yakama Valley of Washington. Displeased with the hot, dry Yakima country, Milburn rode a horse across the Cascade divide and found the "Big Bottom County" of Lewis County homesteaders, the Meads and Peters families from the Cumberlands of Kentucky, old Regular Baptists and akin in speech and customs. Land here was timbered, green and inviting.

About 1900, Milburn J. Stiltner began homesteading at the the head of the Rainy Creek Valley between Randle and Glenoma, Washington. His place was a friendly stop on the Big Bottom trail and road and Old Regular Baptist meetings were held there. He didcated a portion of his land as a cemetary for his family and relatives. Milburn died in 1919 and his wife Sarah C. Wood died in 1921, and they rest in the cemetary on their homestead.

To the union of Milburn J. Stiltner and Sarah C. Wood was born a large family of six sons and five daughters in Virginia and Oklahoma. They each in turn had large families born in Washington and Oregon from 1900 to 1920. Geneological and vital data have been collected from several sources and especially Ethel Stiltner Looney of Glenoma and Sandra Stiltner of Roseburg, Oregon.

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