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Related Families of the Clevengers and Stiltners

An excerpt from "The Cascade Mountain Clan" by Woodrow R. Clevinger, 1971 -

During the migration from Virginia, West Virginia and Kentucky and the ardous pioneer settlement in the Cascades of Washington, several other families of Southern Appalachian stock became closely related to the Clevengers and Stiltners. Four of these families were the Lesters, Dodrills, Meades and Riffes. The Lester Family

The Lester family was neighbor to the early Frederick Charles Stiltner in Buchanan County, Virginia from 1830 to 1860. There were four intermarriages between these families which tied them closely as they lived on this frontier and as their children and grandchildren emigrated to West Virginia and later to Washington. These marriages were:

Some of the children of these marriages moved to West Virginia after 1880, and after 1900, two of their descendents were prominent in the Morton, Washington area - Thomas Lester and Edward Lester.

Thomas Lester was born at Panther, West Virginia in 18899 and emigrated to Morton, Washington where he was a logger and state highway worker. He had a son Donald Lester at Glenoma and daughters Lorene, Buelah, Connie and Virginia Lester.

Edward Lester, born about 1885 in West Virginia came to Morton and Mossyrock about 1905 and was a prominent operator of mills and logging operations. His son, Reginald Lester, born about 1910, is a prominent businessman in Morton, Washington.

The Dodrill Family

The Dodrill family of Webster County, West Virginia became closely related with the Joseph C. Clevinger family in West Virginia and part of it accompanied the Clevingers in the emigration to Lewis County after 1905.

Union of the two families was made when Patrick L. Dodrill (1868 - 1943) married Indiana Clevinger. They moved west to Glenoma, Washington with Joseph C. Clevinger and from 1900 to 1920 he raised three sons, and five daughters. They were:

The Mead Family

In 1900 Benjamin F. Mead, from a large Pike County, Kentucky family and as pioneer settler at Randle, Washington, married Almeda Stiltner, daughter of Milburn Jackson Stiltner. As Benjamin and Almeda homesteaded in the Rainy Valley and raised a family of seven children, the Meads and Stiltners became closely associated.

Benjamin and Almeda had the following seven children: Albert Mead. Kennus Mead, Ethel Mead, Gilbert Mead, Wallace Mead, Ethel Mead, Ida Mead and Wesley Mead.

By 1970 there w were 16 grandchildren and 33 greatgrandchildren, many living in Lewis County, descendents to Ben and Almeda Mead. Three grandchildren were in the service and in the Vietnam War - Wallace D. Mead, U. S. Army; Michael M Mullins, U. S. Army; and Daniel M. Kirkman, U. S. Marine Corps.

The Riffe Family

Two large families, the Levi Clevenger line and the John Riffe set became associated in West Virginia and Lewis County, Washington from 1890 to 1920. In Wyoming county, West Virginia, John Riffe married Mary Pucket about 1885, and to this union were born ten children who all emigrated to eastern Lewis County and had families at Riffe, Nesika and Glenoma, Washington between 1900 and 1930.

They were as follows as of data available:

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