A Local Call

A famous man was touring through Europe and made a stop in Rome. He was invited to the Vatican and even allowed to visit some of the private quarters. He walked by the antique tapestries and paintings, marveling at the beauty. He walked by the Pope's day office when he noticed a gold phone on the table. He asked the cardinal escorting him about this. The cardinal says, "Oh, that's a direct line to God." "Really" "Yeah, costs $5,000 a minute" So the man did a little math in his head and realized he'd really have to cut his vacation short if he talked even for a minute with God, so he decided to not even ask.

The famous man continued his tour of Europe, stopping by a large cathedral in France. He visited a large cathedral in one of the cities and was again invited on a tour of some of the more secluded areas. On the archbishop's desk he again saw a gold phone. He asked the archbishop about this and was told, "Ah, that's a direct phone line to God, costs $5,000 a minute, so we only use it for the really big issues. There are a few of these scattered around the world." The famous man was again tempted to try this, but was running low on travelling cash, and couldn't swing it.

His last stop of the European tour was in Ireland, where he visited one of its larger cathedrals and happened upon the bishop. The bishop invited him on a tour, where he again saw a gold phone on the bishop's desk. "Is that the 'direct line to God' phone?" "Ay, laddie, that it is." "I saw one in the Vatican, and also in France. $5,000 a minute, isn't it?" "Na, laddie, its but 20 cents. In Ireland, its a local call."

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