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Poems by the End of the Oregon Trail

Through the Gorge of the Yangtze

By J. V. Laswell

After long and careful planning
The schedule was complete;
Then Levi made _his_ statement,
"I'm ready for the meet."

With 'bank-crew' poised and waiting,
The surgeons did their part,
Then the steady throb of the engine
Showed it was time to start.

He broached the Yangtze canyon
And its shadows black as night,
And only on the monitors
They checked his vessel's flight.

As it raced down through the canyon
They stood on either side;
To push him from the rock walls
That might impeded his ride.

In the foam of the boiling rapids
And down long glassy slides;
That one-man craft raced onward
In its death-defying ride.

All night they kept their vigil,
And now in the light of day,
That small craft rides at anchor
Here on a quiet bay.

No more the chilling night winds
Will fling the canyon's foam.
We now can start to count the days
Until he'll be back home.

Jules Verne Laswell
Copyright ©1990 J. V. Laswell.

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