A Tale of Two Robins

Two robins were sitting on a branch high in a tree. One looked down and saw a field full of worms. Turning to the second bird he said, "We ought to go down there and eat."

"Good idea," said his friend.

The two of them flew down to the field and ate their fill and then some. When he could eat no more one said to the other, "You know, we ought to stop eating and fly back to our branch."

Rubbing his belly the second responded, "Yep."

With that they tried to fly to their branch in the tree, but they had eaten too much to get off the ground. The second one said, "Maybe we should just stay here and relax in the sun." Before long the two birds slept, basking in the afternoon sun.

As they slept, a cat happened upon the field. Seeing the birds, sleeping, and since they were totally oblivious to his presence, the cat pounced. As feathers settled around him, the cat rubbed his belly, and said, "There is nothing better than baskin robbins."

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